Peintures, série, 2003/2004.

Series of early works, made while I was an art student at Rennes 2 University (France).
Each piece is 7.9 by 7.9 inches. Its surface is divided in 16 squares before the beginning of the painting process. I paint one coat.
Once dry, I cover with liquid latex the first square (top, left) in order to protect a fragment of the first coat of paint. Then, I paint
a second coat... Then I protect a second square, et I go on like this until I arrive to the last square, on the right, at the bottom of
the canvas. I paint 16 coats and keep intact (under the latex) 16 fragments of it. When it's done and everything is dry, I can easily
remove all the latex coats, revealing 16 fragments of different coats of paint. I like to think of it as an archeological work.